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Drive web traffic

Reach buyers as they're scrolling through LinkedIn.

It’s one thing to share your content and promotions on your own social accounts. But a more effective way to bring in new pipeline is to draw traffic to your website by targeting new prospects on their feeds.
Our LinkedIn campaigns allow you to target social ads to prospective buyers in our verified, engaged database.

Why LinkedIn?

  • The nation’s largest professional network
  • 40 percent of LinkedIn users visit the site daily

These campaigns are the ONLY way to target PMMI Media Group’s email database on LinkedIn! These audiences are not available if you advertise directly on LinkedIn.

How it works

  • Choose a targeted or a general campaign
    • Targeted - tell us who you are trying to reach and we will build a custom query from our database that matches your target audience! 

    • General - Choose a single audience segment from our dashboard (no targeting) with a LinkedIn reach of over 15K.

  • Supply a minimum of 2 full sets of creative (can accept up to 4)
    • Additional creative allows for your ad to be served more frequently

  • All campaign management is taken care of for you:
    • Setting up ideal ad serving
    • Monitoring and managing your ad’s performance and reporting back all key stats like:
      • ad impressions
      • click-through rate
      • the total audience size reached.
  • Recieve contact info for all viewers who like, comment on or share your ad.

    Drive web traffic

    Drive web traffic


    Social Media Stats 2021


    Please submit the items indicated below.

    ** Supply a minimum of 2 full sets of creative (can accept up to 4)

      • Additional creative allows for your ad to be served more frequently

    Materials are due 7 days before the start date of your campaign.

    • Image - File Type .jpg or .png; Resolution 1080x1080; Ratio 1.91:1 to 1:1 (A)

      • Avoid images with text (text must compose less than 20% of the image)

      • Optimize attention with simple composition, bold color and appropriate cropping.

      • Convey relevance

      • Logo/branding needs to be visible
    • Message - should include no more than 125 characters (including spaces) (B)

    • Headline - should be no more than 25 characters (C)

    • Landing Page URL

    • CTA
      • Apply
      • Download
      • View Quote
      • Learn More
      • Sign Up
      • Subscribe
      • Register
      • Join
      • Attend
      • Request Demo

    **Our specs for text word count are strict so that we can accommodate all LinkedIn placements, whether it’s in the main feed on desktop or in a mobile banner.