Leaders in Automation CONTACT SALES

Get in front of your best prospects, year-round, when you are a Leaders in Automation participant.

Multi-channel, year-round package includes:

  • Contextually triggered listing on all article pages associated with your category(ies)
  • Leaders in Automation digital profile and data card on automationworld.com 
  • Print profile in the exclusive Leaders in Automation January issue
  • Included in the home page Leaders in Automation featured section on automationworld.com


Get prominent year-round exposure via web and print in our signature branding program. 

Our Leaders in Automation program kicks off in the January issue of Automation World. All companies running a full-page ad (or equivalent in fractionals) in January will receive a free Leaders in Automation Profile Page in the issue, plus year-round exposure on AutomationWorld.com as described below. 


  • Digital Company Profile on AutomationWorld.com, with your logo, company profile, and content on your company.
    • AutomationWorld.com receives 64,000+ unique site visits per month 
  • Drive more views of your YouTube videos with YouTube Amplify
    • This program pulls from your YouTube library, displaying related videos throughout AutomationWorld.com
  • Home page - Permanent company name link on the AutomationWorld.com.
  • Pop-up data card displayed prominently on category pages and articles that correspond to your product category. Data card contains your logo, photo of key contact (e.g., CEO or VP/Sales & Marketing), editor-written enticement copy, a link to your profile and a link to your website.
  • Named as a supporter of the David A. Harvey scholarship fund in Automation World magazine (a page of LIA logos in each issue) and distributed nationally.
  • Use of the Leadership in Automation logo on your collateral and website.
    • Receive a widget including the Leadership in Automation logo and blank space to add your company logo


  • Company profile in the January issue. Detailed, full-page profile on your company, including company logo.
    • A PDF of your profile can be downloaded for your own promotions.
    • 46,000 print magazine circulation

Other benefits include:

  • Real-time reporting through our new enhanced Editorial Engagement Reporting. See profile views and clicks, plus category activity Access through your Leadworks dashboard
  • Additional Converge features/upgrade (complimentary for Leaders participants, non-participants will be charged an annual fee for the following):
    • The ability to export your data
    • The ability to set up notifications when new data comes in

There are significant supply chain issues in the paper market, please see our billing policy for an update on terms for print cancellations.




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The Automation World Brand Operations Manager will contact you with further instructions for print specs.

Digital/online specs:

Featured Product: 344px by 258px

Featured Videos: 320px by 240px

Key Contact: 100 by 100px

Logo: 130px max width, 130px max height