Media Type Cancellation Window
Print Before the published ad close date for that issue or publication for standard print ads. For special print products (Bellybands, Inserts, Gatefold, French Gates, etc...) customer will be responsible for costs incurred by the publisher that are associated with the pre-ordered paper for that product if cancelling less than 3 months prior to ad close date for that issue.
E-mail newsletters and e-blasts

We will move your send date one time. If you are unable to make the new date, we will cancel the line item and you will need to rebook.

If you need to cancel an email or newsletter deployment, it must be done 30 days prior to the send date

Online display (banners) Up until 4 weeks prior to the scheduled start date.
Facebook & LinkedIn Up until 4 weeks prior to the reserved date.
Targeted covers 90 days prior to the first day of the issue month.
Custom media No cancellations permitted.
Leaders Program Your Leaders profile is a free listing as long as you fulfill the obligations set forth in the program requirements. If you do not meet the obligations for receiving the one page free profile listing, you are responsible for the cost of the full page ad.
Webinars Webinar programs are non-cancellable. Customer may be eligible for a one-time date change up to 45 days prior to the webinar date. Within 45-days of the webinar date, customer may rebook and apply 50% of the fee to the future date.

PMMI Media Group will make every effort to obtain materials from the advertiser well in advance of when the ad is scheduled to run. After three successive attempts by PMMI Media Group to contact the advertiser to obtain materials, the burden will shift to the advertiser to provide materials in a timely fashion.

If advertisers are unable to provide materials in time to run the ad placement at the originally scheduled time, PMMI Media Group will reschedule the send one time. While PMMI Media Group will do its best to accommodate such requests, advertisers must understand in some cases rescheduling will not be possible due to inventory constraints. In such cases, advertisers may choose to reallocate funds to a different ad product, again time and inventory permitting, so long as it is within the contract year.

If the advertiser is unable to provide materials in time for the rescheduled send, the placement will be removed from the order and the advertiser may rebook at any time.

Once the cancellation deadline has passed, PMMI Media Group will bill advertisers for all ads and sponsorships purchased at the originally scheduled deployment time regardless of whether a later deployment date was chosen or even if the ad never deployed due to materials never being supplied by the advertiser.

Media plans billed on an installment basis will continue to be billed even if ads never end up deploying due to materials not being supplied by the advertiser.

Advertisers who run delayed ad placements must provide materials in time to run the ad within the contract period specified in the media plan. PMMI Media Group is not obligated to run rescheduled or delayed ads outside the contract period if the advertiser is unable to provide ad materials in time to run the ad within the media plan’s contract period.