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Leaders in Packaging offers unparalleled print and online branding. Receive prominent, year-round exposure on Packworld.com and in Packaging World.

Comprehensive year-round exposure in print and on our website


  • Full-page profile in the January issue

  • Logo branding every other issue throughout the year

Online – receive the following coverage for an entire year

  • Listed in up to three categories on the home page of the most trafficked site in packaging

    • YouTube Amplify - automatic feed from your YouTube channel

    • links to up to four products – SEO value (Google sees us as an authoritative site)

  • Contextually triggered listings - All articles in your category(ies) will prominently feature your company (and data card) in the LIP box. Your company displays even when the article is about a competitor

  • Receive an online profile can contain even more information than print

  • Reports a couple times a year on views and clicks to your profile

  • Named as a supporter of the Future Leaders in Packaging scholarship in Packaging World, on Packworld.com and distributed nationally.

YouTube Amplify included at no extra charge:

  • YouTube widget embedded right in your pop-up data card

  • All articles on your company will feature a widget with your YouTube channel

  • Your YouTube videos flow right onto your online profile page on our site

  • Always self-updating – you don’t have to do a thing, just add a video to your channel

Qualification criteria

Purchase equivalent of two full-page ads (or the equivalent in fractionals) that can run at any time during the year with the first insertion starting in the January issue.



Sales Reps Should Keep the Following in Mind:

Additional Information

Miscellaneous Items


The Packaging World Brand Operations Manager will contact you with further instructions.