Leaders in Packaging CONTACT SALES

Comprehensive year-round print and digital exposure to the Packaging World audience


Digital – receive the following coverage for the entire year:

  • New for 2022! A digital version of all Leaders Product Directory listings combined into one and promoted to the Packaging World digital audience via newsletters and on packworld.com

  • Listed in up to three categories on packworld.com (avg. of 87k visits/month)
    • YouTube Amplify - automatic feed from your YouTube channel

    • links to up to four products – SEO value (Google sees us as an authoritative site)

  • Contextually triggered listings - All articles in your category(ies) will prominently feature your company (and data card) in the LIP box. Your company displays even when the article is about a competitor

  • Online profile can contain even more information than print

  • Named as a supporter of the Future Leaders in Packaging scholarship in Packaging World, on Packworld.com and distributed nationally.

Other new benefits in 2022:

  • Real-time reporting through our new enhanced Editorial Engagement Reporting. See profile views and clicks, plus category activity Access through your Leadworks dashboard
  • If you have a listing on our machine.tours website, your tour will show up in the top “Industry Leaders” section of the search results
  • Coming March 2022 - Additional Converge features/upgrade (complimentary for Leaders participants, non-participants will be charged an annual fee for the following):
    • The ability to export your data
    • The ability to set up notifications when new data comes in

YouTube Amplify included at no extra charge:

  • YouTube widget embedded right in your pop-up data card

  • All articles on your company will feature a widget with your YouTube channel

  • Your YouTube videos flow right onto your online profile page on our site

  • Always self-updating – you don’t have to do a thing, just add a video to your channel



Sales Reps Should Keep the Following in Mind:

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