Leaders in Packaging CONTACT SALES

Get in front of your best prospects, year-round, when you are a Leaders in Packaging participant.

Multi-channel, year-round package includes:

  • Contextually triggered listing on all article pages associated with your category(ies)
  • Leaders in Packaging profile on packworld.com 
  • 2023 Buyer's Guide print profile and product ad(s) in the December issue
  • Up to 3 print ads


Comprehensive year-round print and digital exposure to the Packaging World audience

Pro Premium
Digital Profile Yes Yes
Number of Digital Categories 3 6
Print ads* 2 Full 3 Full

(or price equivalent in fractionals)

Product ad in 2025 Buyer's Guide 1 3
Print profile in 2025 Buyer's Guide Yes Yes


Bonus Offerings:

  • Contextually triggered listings 
    • All articles in your category(ies) will prominently feature your company (and data card) in the LIP box. Your company displays even when the article is about a competitor
  • Enhanced editorial engagement report
    • Real-time reporting of your digital profile’s views and clicks, plus category activity.
    • Digital profile includes lead-gen form.
    • To get max value out of your digital profile, get profile materials in by January 20th (when profiles go live).
  • Enhanced Converge features
    • The ability to export your data
    • The ability to share specific company location data
  • Retargeted ad impressions
    • Banner ads served on brand-safe, 3rd party sites to anyone who visits PackWorld.com.
    • Pro Bundle: Up to 10k impressions
    • Premium Bundle: Up to 20k impressions
    • Campaign length is up to six months when materials are submitted prior to April 1st. 
    • Any materials turned in after April 1st, 2024 are not guaranteed to reach the number of impressions listed. All campaigns end on August 31st, regardless of start date. 
  • YouTube Amplify
    • YouTube widget embedded right in your pop-up data card
    • All articles on your company will feature a widget with your YouTube channel
    • Your YouTube videos flow right onto your online profile page on our site
    • Always self-updating – you don’t have to do a thing, just add a video to your channel
  • Scholarship Supporter
    • Named as a supporter of the Future Leaders in Packaging scholarship in Packaging World, on Packworld.com, and distributed nationally.


NOTE: The 2025 Buyer's Guide will be a standalone issue, polybagged with the November/December issue of Packaging World. It will include Leaders print profiles and the complete product directory.  

*One Print Ad must run in the first six months of the year. 

There are significant supply chain issues in the paper market, please see our billing policy for an update on terms for print cancellations.



Sales Reps Should Keep the Following in Mind:

Buyer's Guide Inventory Doc

Intro Level available for first-time buyers ONLY (considered new if they have not participated in LIP in the past 3 years)

Intro Pro Premium
Digital Profile Yes Yes Yes
Number of Categories 1 3 6

Print ads

1 Full 2 Full 3 Full or fractional equivalent
Product ad in 2025 Buyer's Guide None 1 2
Print profile in 2025 Buyer's Guide Yes Yes Yes
Retargeted Ad Impressions Up to 5k Up to 10k Up to 20k
Pricing (1% increase from 2023) $8,200 $15,200 $20,200


Download a PDF of the 2023 Leaders Category Data Report


Leaders Package Component Specs Description
Digital Profile
  • Featured Product: 344px by 258px
  • Featured Videos: 320px by 240px
  • Key Contact: 100 by 100px
  • Logo: 130px max width, 130px max height
Print profile in 2025 Buyer's Guide Click here to see specs for the Buyer's Guide print profile. 
Product ad in 2025 Buyer's Guide Click here to see specs for the Buyer's Guide product ads.
Retargeted Ad Impressions Click here to see specs for Retargeted Ad Impressions.
Print Ads Click here to see specs for Packaging World print ads.



Submit your ad via our online ad portal, Send My Ad. We will set you up with a Send My Ad profile so you can easily submit your ad(s) through a direct materials upload link.

Contact Information: 

Advertising production questions can be directed to Lara Krieger, Senior Print Operations Manager at 1-312-205-7924 or Lkrieger@pmmimediagroup.com