Native Ads on Our Website CONTACT SALES


Your content item is displayed within the editorial stream of our website and promoted on the home page and section pages throughout the site.

When visitors click, they can go to...

  • A landing page of your choice
  • A stripped-down, cleanly designed page on our site featuring your content, with nothing else on the page to distract (referred to as a "Story")

Why native ads perform better...

  • Higher clickthrough rates than banner ads
    • Can range from 0.1% to 0.3% or higher, depending on the content
  • Sleek in-stream design avoids user fatigue
    • By placing sponsored content in the river of news, users are less likely to gloss over vs. a typical banner placement.

How it's sold:

  • Sold on a share-of-voice basis, first-come, first-serve
  • Limited monthly inventory 


  • Native Ads: receive a unique link featuring your impressions, clicks, CTR, and an interactive graph
    • if more than one creative is provided, you'll receive a breakdown by creative

  • Story: receive a unique link that shows the number of unique users, page views, shares, average time spent on the page, device used, an interactive graph, and more!
    • You'll also receive the unique link for the native ad portion of your campaign



Sales reps should keep the following in mind

  • Ideal for customers who have something specific to say, and who have the content already written
  • We can offer to write the headline and teaser copy for maximum enticement, at no extra charge
  • No extra charge to host content on our site
  • Selling point - Higher CTR than regular banners
  • Contact your Client Success Manager for inventory availability.
    • PW - 4 advertisers per month - estimated 5K - 8K
    • HCP - 2 advertisers per month - estimated 2K - 4K
    • OEM - 1 advertiser per month - estimated 500 - 1K
    • PFW - 1 advertiser per month - estimated 4K - 6K
  • In-between and exclusive options available

Impressions above are estimates and NOT guarantees. This product should be sold as a sponsorship and not like a banner ad.


Teaser ad:

  • Image 600x400 
  • Headline: 20-70 characters
  • Teaser copy: 40-200 characters

Stripped down landing page hosted on our site:

  • High resolution image 3:2 ratio
  • Headline: 20-70 characters
  • Teaser copy: 40-200 characters
  • Body content - No limitations on length