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Automation World's new Peer-to-Peer FAQ ebook combines insights directly from automation professionals. Your ad could be seen alongside comprehensive information focusing on explaining the most common and trending technologies in the world of industrial automation with this exclusive sponsorship opportunity. 

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2022 Topics:

Sensors Cybersecurity Robotics Big Data
February August August October
June December November February 2023

2023 Topics:

Controllers HMI/SCADA I/O Motors
February April July October SOLD OUT
June August November February 2024

Dates subject to change

Lead generation

Lead generation


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This are tentative dates based on what sells. If selling a multi, they cannot launch with less than THREE customers. 

REMINDER: Anything outside of the regular specs (see specs tab) needs to be approved by Alicia Pettigrew before being offered to the customer. This includes extra images and customer articles. 

Direct links to current playbooks:

FAQ -Sensors

FAQ - Robotics

FAQ - Cybersecurity


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For multi-sponsor FAQs: If ad materials are not received by the materials deadline, your ad will not be included in the book. However, you will still receive all leads associated with the playbook.

*This is a digital ad, NOT print, so no trim or bleed specifications are necessary