Exhibiting at one of the EXPO PACK shows? Build awareness for your exhibit among pre-registered attendees via online display ads or 15-second video pre-roll ads as pre-registered attendees browse their favorite websites.

  • Pre-registered attendees see your ads across potentially 100,000+ websites for a full five-week period prior to the show

  • Choose from banner ads (up to four different sizes) or pre-roll videos

  • One of the only cost-effective ways to drive pre-show awareness digitally, without sending a single e-mail

  • Limited to 15 sponsors, available on a first-come, first-served basis


¿Va a exponer en uno de los eventos de EXPO PACK? Dé a conocer su exposición entre los asistentes preinscritos a través de anuncios de despliegue en línea o anuncios previos en video de 15 segundos mientras los asistentes preinscritos navegan por sus sitios web favoritos.

  • Los asistentes preinscritos ven sus anuncios en posiblemente más de 100.000 sitios web durante un período completo de cinco semanas previas al evento.
  • Elija entre anuncios publicitarios (hasta cuatro tamaños diferentes) y videos previos.
  • Una de las únicas formas rentables de impulsar el conocimiento previo del evento digitalmente, sin enviar un solo correo electrónico.
  • Limitado a 15 patrocinadores, disponible por orden de llegada.



Sales Reps Should Keep the Following in Mind:

  • Targeting not currently available though this may change for 2023.

  • Unlike other products, we do not guarantee a specific number of impressions or video views, though we estimate 10,000 to 20,000 impressions

  • We will try to maximize reach


Please submit the items indicated below. Materials are due 10 days before your campaign start date.

For Banner Ads:

  • Submit ads in the four sizes listed below for maximum reach.

  • Each ad must be:

    • jpg, png, gif or animated GIF

    • max file size of 40 KB

For Video Pre-Roll: