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Identify professionals at companies in your target market.

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Our eBooks are written by our editors and designed to attract manufacturers in targeted markets who have plans to invest in equipment, materials or services.

  • Filled with the latest information on incorporating this type of equipment, material or service into packaging operations.
  • 3 months of marketing promotions to our database to drive downloads
  • Each download is a shared lead for all sponsors.
  • Limited to five concurrent sponsors.
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What counts as a lead?

  • Leads include contact details plus information on the type of equipment, material or service of interest to the respondent. Bonus question crafted around the topic focus of the eBook.
  • Consent given by readers for email

Full-contact lead data

Full contact information/business card data

  • Name
  • Job title
  • Business Email
  • Country
  • Company name
  • Primary Industry
  • Detailed industry
  • Job Responsibilities

Lead generation

Lead generation

Sales Info

Promotion of the the eBook could include, but are not limited to:

  • eBlasts
  • Newsletter announcements
  • Social Media promotion
  • Website ads on pw.com
  • Native Ads on pw.com
  • Modal pop-ups on pw.com

We’ll have a dedicated person watching performance on these and adjust the advertising as needed.




Robotics E-Book Description

In this new robotics e-book, our editors bring a fresh approach to robotics and automation justification. A recent Harvard Business Review article probes the question of manufacturers focusing on using robotics to boost productivity or increase flexibility, but can it be both? And what about other success metrics that management may not be considering? 

Our editors explore the themes in the HBR article in the context of the consumer packaged goods industries, interviewing top packaging OEMs, CPGs, co-packers, and robotic systems integrators, as well as industry experts. This e-book offers perspectives across the value chain of how to rethink the justification and adoption of robotics in today’s CPG plants, including addressing how automation can help CPG companies use their labor forces in a more productive way. 

Plus, readers will learn from experts on the best approach to introducing employees to automation and robotics, comparing bottom-up vs top-down approaches. We also address how robotic automation can work in tandem with human workers for the best results. 


 Robotics BANT Questions

  • Which uses of robots or cobots most interest you: (select all that apply)
    • Primary Packaging
      • Thermoform/primary tray loading
      • Bag/pouch handling
      • Bottle handling
      • Container loading
      • Kit assembly
      • Multipack
      • Package inserts
      • Variety pack
    • Secondary Packaging
      • Can stacking
      • Carton loading
      • Case packing
      • Case erector/case sealing
      • Tray loading and unloading
      • Variety packing/bundling
      • Palletizing/Depalletizing
    • Not Applicable
    • Other
  • When do you anticipate having a need for robots/cobots at your facility?
    • Within the next 12 months
    • Between 1-3 years
    • Just researching for the future
  • Are you interested in or exploring the use of the use of collaborative robots (cobots) in your plant?
    • Yes
    • No


Please provide...

  • Profile Body Copy - 950 characters max (including spaces). (A)
    • This amount will reduce by 48 characters for each break between paragraphs or subhead added.
  • Company Logo (B)
    • Accepted formats - EPS, SVG, JPEG, PNG, and TIF.

And four sets of...

  • Product Ad Headline - 60 characters max (including spaces). (C)
    • Single line only.
  • Product Description - 250 characters max (including spaces). (D)
    • Three lines maximum.
  • Call To Action - 20 characters max (including spaces). (E)
  • Product Image (F)
    • 3 x 2 image ratio
    • Accepted formats - JPEG, PNG, or TIF PW-eBook-Ad-Specs.png


If ad materials are not received by the materials deadline, your ad will not be included in the book. However, you will still receive all leads associated with the playbook.