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PMMI Media Group Custom Research explores the trends driving your business and your current position in the marketplace. Our research helps you develop a brand and business strategy by providing a robust analysis of:

  • Current brand awareness and perception of you and your competition
  • Insight into your prospects' most critical needs

Armed with this information you can develop a marketing strategy uniquely suited for your brand that will generate a strong return on investment.

Research customized to your needs

Based on your needs, we conduct a tailored mix of in-person and online research, workshops, and focus groups with your targeted customers. Our proprietary, comprehensive customer database delivers unparalleled access to the decision-makers you need to reach and, more importantly, understand.

Gain insights about what buyers want and are expecting from you.

  • Discover the most important value sought by buyers in your product category
  • The customer pain points addressed by your products
  • Misconceptions about your products/services
  • Trends, market insights, go-to market strategies and pricing analysis to strengthen new product launches

Discover how you fit into the competitive landscape.

  • Brand perception in areas such as quality/reliability, innovation, ease of use/changeover, pricing, TCO, service and support
  • Views on your competition and their products/services
  • Perceived value proposition
  • Product line awareness and perception

Provide your customers with exclusive market insights.

  • Exclusive market intelligence to share with your customers and strengthen your position as an industry authority
  • Trends to guide future strategies and planning

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