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From videos to case studies, PMMI Media Group can help with your content creation.

Video Creation

We'll help you create engaging, high-definition (4K ) videos inexpensively and easily right from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Use cases:

  • Virtual machine or product demo
  • Product launch video
  • Virtual company walkthrough
  • Ask an expert Q&A
  • Video press release
  • Customer testimonial
  • Key opinion leader video

How it works.

  • Just download our app and install it on your smartphone or computer
  • From there our "director" remotely controls the filming, starting and stopping as needed
  • We can cue the speaker with teleprompts if desired
  • We capture all the video, add your logo and any text treatments and mix down the final product
  • You receive a 2- to 3-minute finished clip along with a 15-second social-media teaser version

Case Study Creation

Concise, visually compelling Case Studies describe how your solutions are being deployed. PMMI Media Group's Case Studies are created in partnership with BullsEye Resources, a content creator specializing in high-quality summaries, case studies and other content assets.

How it works.

  • Simply identify one of your customers as a basis for the Case Study
  • We interview your customer OR someone from your company with knowledge of the application
  • The company can be named or remain anonymous

Webinar Brief Creation

Whether your company is planning to do a webinar with us or host one of your own, you can still get a webinar brief either way! Let our content team take the recording of your webinar and turn it into a well-written PDF summary that you can continue to use as content moving forward.

How it works.

  • You host your own webinar or run one through PMMI Media Group
  • Webinar recording along with any notes or other items to be included in white paper are sent to us
  • Our content marketing team creates an attractive 3 to 7 page PDF white paper from the webinar (see gallery for sample white papers)
  • Feel free to send us any images you want to incorporate into the white paper - no extra charge!
  • That white paper can be used as a content marketing asset in a variety of different campaigns

3D Machine Tours

How it works:

  • A  photographer will come to your plant to shoot every angle of your machine(s)
  • We will put the finished image/tour together and provide a URL that can be plugged into any channel you wish to promote it (your website, email, social, etc.)
  • No work is needed from you other than letting the photographer into your plant and showing them the machine

Banner Ad Design

How it works:

  • Let your sales rep know if you are interested, and one of our experts will work with you to create an attractive, eye-catching banner ad

Lead generation

Lead generation



• 30-minute phone consult with our content marketing expert 

• Up to 1 hour of filming time

• Up to 30 minutes of screen capture time

• Teleprompter assistance with remote coaching

• Editing services

• Finished video up to 3 minutes in length

•Additional social-friendly 15-second version

Case Study:

Product includes a max of 75 minutes of interview time but that can include multiple contacts such as someone at the advertiser and someone at the customer

How many interviewees? And/or how many interviews/length of interview? Only 1 or 2 will practically fit into 60 mins. But they can buy more time in 30-minute increments. Markup is $1,200 per 30 min additional (time is proxy for overall writing scope). 

Can the advertiser submit their own photos and how many? Yes, we haven’t defined a limit. I think it will self-limit. 

Is stock art from us an option? Let’s not promote stock art from us as an option, but I do think Bullseye may try to jazz the design up if there’s literally zero art.

Webinar Brief:

  • Must stay about the webinar, cannot provide other content to include in the summary
  • One round of review

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