Account-Based Buyer Intent — LinkedIn CONTACT SALES

Drive web traffic


Reach decision-makers at verified CPGs who are actively researching machinery, targeting by the category they are looking to purchase.

Retarget the high-intent ProSource audience via LinkedIn campaign with the goal of driving traffic to the your target URL.

Why is the audience valuable?

  • End users searching the ProSource directory are more likely to be in in-market for a solution in the categories they search.
  • This unique offering extends targeting beyond the PMMI Media Group database to additional decision-maker contacts associated with targeted companies.

Available Audience Categories

  • Bagging, Pouching, Wrapping
  • Cartoning, Multipacking & Case Packing
  • Controls, Software & Components
  • Coding, Labeling, Printing
  • Conveying Feeding & Handling
  • Filling, Capping, Closing
  • Inspection & Testing Equipment
  • Materials Containers & Consumables
  • Palletizing & Load Stabilization
  • Plant Facilities, Infrastructure & Operations
  • Processing Equipment
  • Robotics

Drive web traffic

Drive web traffic

Sales Rep Info

Why would someone pick PAN or Buyers Intent?

  • PAN — Value: Targeted, Niche, & Verified Individuals in the Industry
    • Reach our 1st party subscribers that are verified end users in specific industries, job duties, and expressed machinery buying interest through SHOW data. Target this audience via LinkedIn, Facebook, 3rd party Banner Ads, or 3rd party Video Pre-Roll.

  • Buyers Intent — Value: Verified Companies Searching for Machinery

    • Reach verified end-user companies that have actively researched machinery or materials on a high-intent website (ProSource) within a specific machinery category. Target this audience via LinkedIn, using specific decision-maker job titles.

  • These are two distinctly different audiences, both with their own unique value and benefits for an advertiser. Which avenue an advertiser should go depends on their goals.



How do we know who is searching ProSource?

We use website visitor identification software to identify companies and then target key decision-maker titles from these companies via LinkedIn

Can we target Buyer Intent Campaigns by other channels such as Facebook or third-party banner ads?

At this time, we are only using LinkedIn because of their company targeting capabilities.

How long do records stay in the target audience?

Due to long buying cycles, we will keep contacts in the targeted audience for 1 year with updates made monthly.

Will more categories be added?

Available categories and subcategories can grow in the future as audience size allows. Our minimum threshold is 20,000 contacts per category.

How long does each campaign run?

Similar to the existing LinkedIn offering, campaigns will run for two weeks.

How much traffic does the ProSource Website receive?

 The quarterly average (July, August, September 2023) is 25,000 users. 

Next traffic update coming January 2024.


Breakdown of ABBIC During the Show

Account-Based Buyer Intent — LinkedIn

  • Retarget the high-intent ProSource audience via LinkedIn campaign with the goal of driving traffic to the your target URL.
  • Products to select in Naviga/MDT:
    • PS - Account-Based Buyer Intent — LinkedIn (PSLI)


Account-Based Buyer Intent — LinkedIn — during Show Season

  • This is the same product as Account-Based Buyer Intent LinkedIn detailed above, EXCEPT—for the four weeks before PACK EXPO and two weeks after PACK EXPO—charged at a premium.
  • Products to select in Naviga/MDT:
      • PS - Account-Based Buyer Intent - LinkedIn - Premium Timing
  • The exact dates this applies to in 2024: 10/4 to 11/15


Please submit the items indicated below.

** Supply a minimum of 3 full sets of creative (can accept up to 5) is required.

    • Additional creative allows for your ad to be served more frequently

Materials are due 7 days before the start date of your campaign.

  • Message - should include no more than 125 characters (including spaces) (B)
  • Headline - should be no more than 25 characters (C)

  • Landing Page URL

  • CTA
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  • Image OR Video

    • If Image - File Type .jpg or .png; Resolution 1080x1080; Ratio 1:1 OR Resolution 1200xx628; Ratio 1.91:1 

      • Avoid images with text (text must compose less than 20% of the image)

        • Optimize attention with simple composition, bold color and appropriate cropping.

        • Convey relevance

        • Logo/branding needs to be visible
    • If Video - File Type .mp4; Duration 3 seconds (min) to 30 seconds (max)
      • Ratio 4:5, 9:16, 16:9, or 1:1
      • Frame Rate: 30 frames per second
      • File Size: 75 KB (min) to 200 MB (max)
      • Custom Thumbnail recommended
        • File Type: .jpg or .png
        • Aspect ratio & resolution should match video's

**Our specs for text word count are strict so that we can accommodate all LinkedIn placements, whether it’s in the main feed on desktop or in a mobile banner.