Lead generation

Newsletters put your message in front of qualified packaging professionals and individuals who have signed up for specific editions. Reserve early, for best selection. 

Broad Reach

Newsletter Dist. Description Single Sponsor* Multiple Sponsors
OEM Insights 9,500 New trends and topics for packaging and processing machine builders Yes Not Available

*Single/exclusive sponsored newsletters include 5 paid ad spots and does not guarantee that other companies will not appear within the newsletter in paid or non-paid placements.

Lead generation

Lead generation

Sales Rep Info


  • created over a month before the mailing date - 14 calendar days
  • created less than a month before the mailing date - 4 calendar days
  • created less than 2 weeks before mailing date – 48 hours

For date option:
An unsold date will no longer be available in MP 12 calendars day before the send date.


Please submit the items indicated below. 

  • Exclusively sponsored newsletters require three ads from a single advertiser.
  • Multi-sponsor newsletters feature one ad per advertiser.

Exclusive Sponsor Ad Specs (3 ads total for Exclusive) 

For each ad:

  • Image – 1200 x 800 px (jpeg or png) (A)
  • Company Name - 50-character maximum (B)
  • Headline - 100-characters max (including spaces) (C)
  • CTA - Choose one of our options or create your own (20 characters max) (D)
  • URL or associated asset



Multi-Sponsor Newsletters (Spotlight on PACK EXPO)

  • Ad image: Minimum width 250px (jpeg or png) (A)
    • Landscape-oriented images work best
  • Ad Copy: 70-character count maximum, including spaces (B)
  • Hall and Nooth number - 20-character counr maxiumum, including spaces (C)
  • Company Name (D)
  • CTA button options: LEARN MORE / WATCH VIDEO / DOWNLOAD / or custom 16-character count max, including spaces (E)