Typical questions during a case study interview

For Sponsor:

  • Target Audience – who is case study intended for?
  • What is their situation/pain point?
  • What is key message you want to convey?

For individual being interviewed:

  • Company, Title/role – how long in role
  • Mindset, situation, challenges, problems, needs?
  • What was situation/needs that led to look for a solution? (how does the story begin?)
  • What problem trying to solve? What looking for? What were criteria?
  • What were the options/possibilities?
  • How gather information?
  • How decide on specific solution?
  • What were the key features, benefits, reasons for picking specific solution? What was the most important reason? What was unique/differentiating about solution selected?
  • Describe experience implementing?
  • How is your organization using the solution?
  • How is it performing?
  • What are the benefits? (most important benefit)
  • Lessons learned through this experience? Most important lesson/observation?
  • Advice to others in similar situations?
  • What do you know now that you wish you knew earlier in process?