Just a refresher about PMMI’s Travel program.  We have two travel programs - United PassPlus and ATC/Deem/Etta.  Either program can be used.  

If you are an infrequent flyer (a couple times a year) we suggest you use ATC/Deem/Etta.  The PMMI credit card is stored in the ATC system.  See details below on United PassPlus card usage.

If you prefer to use United PassPlus that is fine as well.

Staff is strongly encouraged to fly United Airlines whenever possible – even if there is a less expensive flight on a different airline. If a United flight is several $100’s more than another airline go ahead and book the other airline using ATC/Deem.  We do recognize some airports do not even fly United.  

To book using United PassPlus:

·                     Go to:  (not

·                     Enter the 5 Digit Tour Code:  928BR

      • You must book your flight using a web browser – not the United App.  You will not receive PMMI’s discounted rates unless you enter the Tour Code – 929BR - and this cannot be done via the app.

·                     Choose Economy.  Do not pick a Basic Economy Flight.

·                     As of Feb 1, 2023 you will need to contact me to get the UATP card #.  The UATP # you have stored expired on 1/31/23.  This should be a one-time occurrence as long as you remember to save the UATP card.  

      • The card number is not allowed to be emailed and please do not write it down for later use.  Our card has been compromised in the past which is why we do things this way.
      • or 571-612-3182 (work phone) or 703-864-8747 (cell)

The dedicated United Pass Plus Reservations Phone Numbers are:  800.727.7752 or 313.234.6903

Account Type:  Flex Corporate Account (under Craig Silverio’s name)

To book ATC/Deem/Etta:

  • Go to: and follow the prompts to book a trip.
  • Everyone should have an account for ATC and you maintain your account and password.  If you don’t know your password please hit the Reset Password button.  If your email address is not recognized let me know.
  • The PMMI credit card is on file with ATC


Email a copy of your Itinerary, Account Code and purpose of your trip to Roya at