Supplied HTML E-Blasts special requirements

Please review the requirements below carefully before sending materials to the PMMI Media Group production team. Your file will be sent back if the requirements below are not met. The file you send us needs to be ready to send, our team does not edit supplied HTML.


1.  Footer Requirements

The file must include PMMI Media Group’s address, disclaimer, unsubscribe/opt-out and privacy policy links. Advertisers must remove their own footer information. The advertiser’s company-specific privacy policy and opt-out links MUST be removed from the footer and cannot be included in any supplied HTML email sent by PMG.  


Please see complete footer requirements here.


2. We will track up to 10 links in your HTML.
If you would like to track more than 10, please reach out to your sales rep to purchase more than 10.


3. Sample of a supplied E-Blast