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Lead generation

Get High-Quality, Engaged Leads with a Sponsored Quiz

Our new Sponsored Quiz drives up engagement and gives your brand the opportunity to gather additional information from readers when they answer your pre-qualification questions.

Your sponsored quiz on one of our pre-determined industry topics includes:

  • A guaranteed minimum number of end user leads (see right rail)
  • At least one promotional eblast + additional web promotions for 3 months
  • Two custom questions provided by you focused on identifying the readers’ decision making authority and where they are in the buying cycle.
    • Examples:
      • Are you involved in purchasing or recommending packaging materials in your company? Yes/No
      • When do you plan to upgrade or purchase new cybersecurity solutions? No plans/Next 6 months/Next 12-18 months/Next 2-3 years
  • One article or asset related to the quiz topic to drive additional traffic/engagement (optional)
  • Sponsor logo on the quiz page that will live on our site for 3 months

You'll get a link to the quiz as well, so you can promote it across your own sites and channels.

Lead generation

Lead generation


  • When sending through Omeda, anyone who we recognize does not have to register to see results
  • More value than playbooks because leads are NOT shared and there is no lead cap
  • Customers may see quiz before it's live but cannot request changes or edits

Holding off on launching on HCP and OEM for the time being - concerned about the guaranteed leads with the small audience


Inventory SmartSheets:

Mundo Inventory

AW Inventory

PW Inventory

PFW Inventory


Material Submission Specs for Sponsored Quiz

  • Company Name
  • High resolution company logo
    • Logo image: 200px by 65px (jpeg, png)
  • Two custom questions focused on identifying the readers’ decision making authority and where they are in the buying cycle (will be approved by our team)
    • These should be yes/no, true/false, or multiple choice
    • Character limit for each question is 255 characters (with spaces)
    • If multiple choice question:
      • Up to 5 choices allowed
      • Each choice has a 150 character limit (with spaces)
      • Please specify whether multiple answers OR only one answer can be selected for your multiple choice question
  • OPTIONAL: Article URL or asset that will appear at the end of the quiz
    • Headline (30-character count max, including spaces)
    • Description copy (100-character count max, including spaces)
    • CTA Button Text: Learn More / Download / or custom 16-character count max, including spaces
    • URL destination of your choosing