Reprints and Permissions

Reprints, Re-Use and Permissions Information

Looking for a PDF of an article that can be emailed or hosted on a website? We can create a PDF customized for your use. You may also want to consider our Case Study E-blast. With the Case Study E-blast, we’ll email your PDF to our database and send you contact information of those who download it. Great for branding and lead-generation!

Contact your sales representative to order your PDF or to learn more about the Case Study E-blast.


Looking for high quality reproductions of published articles, with or without customization? Reprints are effective marketing collateral and make excellent handouts for meetings and trade shows. We can produce reprints to meet your needs.

Contact your sales representative for details.


Please contact the publisher (see below) to request permission to re-use content that has appeared in our magazines, newsletters and websites. Your request should include:

- magazine, newsletter or website in which the content appeared
- the date and title of the article
- your contact information
- description of your proposed re-use of content


To license content, please contact the publisher for a quotation.

Contact Joe Angel for Packaging World and Contract Packaging.

**All content appearing in our magazines, newsletters and websites may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the written permission of PMMI Media Group. Please see details and contact information on this page.