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Lead generation


Be seen as a thought leader in the digitalization space, getting your solutions in front of a highly curated CPG Next audience looking for answers to their IIoT questions.

  • Contribute a bylined article on a featured topic
  • 3-month multichannel promotion to the entire CPG Next Audience (email, and/or paid/organic social, etc.)
  • Generate leads over a 3-months period from content downloads
    • Leads shared and not guaranteed 
    • What counts as a lead?
      • End-users only
      • Consent is given by the reader
  • Limited to 5 sponsors


2024 Topics

  • Q1: Data and Analytics
  • Q2: Cybersecurity and Remote Access
  • Q3: Digital Twins and AR/VR
  • Q4: Predictive Maintenance and Asset Lifecycle Management

Lead generation

Lead generation

Sales Rep Info

Full-Page Ads

  • Will link to advertiser's preferred URL
  • Sponsors can buy a full-page ad at an additional cost of $1,000nm
  • Non-sponsors can buy a full-page ad at a cost of $3,300nm (BUT no leads are provided). 
    • These should be considered AWARENESS purchases, not traffic-driving

We strongly encourage advertisers to provide CPG case studies or other high value content. We will have an editor reviewing the content to make sure it's not too marketing heavy.

Sponsor Leads

• We're estimating between 75-100 leads, but are selling these campaigns by duration. We will be. monitoring these campaigns to make sure they are not under performing and will promote accordingly to provide as close to this estimated range as possible. 


Materials Requested for Article:

  • Article on featured topic
    • Min 600 words, Max 1200 Words
  • Article headline
  • Article author (First Name, Last Name, Title and Company)
  • Up to four images
    • 300 PPI each
    • .jpeg, .png, or .gif
  • Company Logo
    • 300 PPI
    • .jpeg, .png, or .gif


Specs Requested for Digital Full-Page Ad:

  • 8.5in x 11in 
  • 300 PPI
  • .jpeg, .png, or .gif