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Broad Reach

Newsletter Dist. Description Single Sponsor* Multiple Sponsor
Joyce's Voice 28,000 Editor Joyce Fassl's signature weekly, covering the latest news and developments. Yes Not Available
ProFood Focus 23,000 Sponsor-supplied content; white papers, videos, etc. Not Available Yes
ProFood World New Issue Alert 25,000 Preview of the current issue of ProFood World, with links to articles Not Available Yes

Tradeshow Support

Newsletter Dist. Description Single Sponsor* Multiple Sponsor
Spotlight on PACK EXPO 22,000 Published in the weeks leading up to PACK EXPO Connects, featuring videos and highlights of new equipment and products Not Available Yes

Distribution counts are approximate and subject to fluctuation.

*Single/exclusive sponsored newsletters include 5 paid ad spots and does not guarantee that other companies will not appear within the newsletter in paid or non-paid placements.

Lead generation

Lead generation


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  • Exclusively sponsored newsletters require five ads from a single advertiser.
  • Multi-sponsor newsletters feature one ad per advertiser.

Exclusive Sponsor Newsletter Ad Specs 

For each ad:

  • Image - 176 px x 132 px (jpeg, png or gif) (A)
  • Company Name (B)
  • Headline - 100 characters max (including spaces) (C)
  • Call to Action - Learn More / Watch Video / Download / or custom 16 characters (including spaces) (D)
  • URL or associated asset

For Exclusive sponsored newsletters, please also include:

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    • Logo image: 200px x 65px (jpeg, png, gif)


Focus and Wrap Newsletters

  • Headline: 70-character count maximum, including spaces (A)
  • Ad Copy: 280-character count maximum, including spaces (B)
  • Ad image: 179px x128px (jpeg, png, gif) (C)
  • CTA button options: LEARN MORE / WATCH VIDEO / DOWNLOAD / or custom 16-character count max, including spaces (D)
  • Company Name (E)



  • Image - 179px x128px (jpeg, png, gif) (A)
  • Ad headline: 70-character count maximum, including spaces (B)
  • Hall & Booth number only (20 char max.) (C)
  • Company Name (D)
  • Call to Action - Learn More / Watch Video / Download / or custom 16 characters (including spaces) (E)