Live or pre-recorded?

We often get asked, are webinars produced by PMMI Media Group live or pre-recorded? The short answer is: They are designed, produced, packaged and promoted as a live event. But we pre-record them for safety's sake. The industry term for this is "simulated live". 


How many webinars has your company done over the years? A handful? We've produced hundreds. We have learned, the hard way, that producing a live webinar invites all kinds of trouble, from unstable internet connections to dropped cell phones, to slides that don't cooperate, etc.


Live webinars also require full dress rehearsals, which is extra time that you, as a busy professional, do not have.


So a couple years ago, we switched to "simulated live" -- we pre-record them but promote them as live events. But the whole thing runs on auto-pilot.


Of course, by pre-recording, if there's a problem or glitch, or the presenter just plain stumbles, it can be edited out. This eliminates the need for dress rehearsals, saving you or your presenter valuable time.


This whole approach eliminates the stress and tension associated with potential glitches, and attendees do not notice the difference, nor do they care. All they get is a seamless, uninterrupted, professionally produced experience.


But what about the Q&A?

We have thought of this too.  We bake the Q&A into the pre-recording by having you come up with three or so questions, which you or your presenter "selects" as though it's coming from the audience; and then your gives the answer. Meanwhile, throughout the webinar, attendees can still submit real questions. Your presenter tells attendees on the webinar that you will guarantee a response to all other remaining questions that didn't get answered during the webinar.

And that's great follow-up for you or your sales team! Better to reach out to those folks individually anyway, great excuse to make an individual touch-point, which you wouldn't have had if you had answered their question during the webinar. From the attendee's perspective, they will get a personalized answer to their question, guaranteed. And of course you get the contact information of each individual who asked a question.



In short, simulated live webinars is a better experience for you, the presenter, and a better experience for the attendee, and lowers your costs. Since we've switched to this format, we have not experienced a single glitch, and we've had many satisified customers and attendees.