Exhibitor Preview Newsletter Categories

Demos and products will be organized in print, by e-mail and online using the following major category structure:

Category Remarks
Sustainability This is a special category that exists only in Live Demo Planner and Game Plan, available to any exhibitor who wishes to draw attention to their demo in the context of sustainability. This doesn't occur as an actual category on the virtual event site.
E-commerce This is a special category that exists only in Live Demo Planner and Game Plan, available to any exhibitor who wishes to draw attention to their demo for a product that solves an e-commerce packaging problem. This doesn't occur as an actual category on the virtual event site.
Filling, Capping & Sealing Rigid Containers or Trays Any machine related to filling, capping or sealing of bottles, jars, containers, or loading and sealing of trays. Can also include any kind of rinsing or sterilizing equipment, as well as blister packaging, skin packaging, vacuum packaging or thermoform/fill/seal. Also covers any kind equipment related to rigid package manufacturing such as blow-molding, injection molding or thermoforming equipment.
Bagging, Pouching & Wrapping Anything related to flexible packaging is covered here, whether it’s machinery or materials. This not only covers form/fill/seal equipment (horizontal and vertical), it also includes flow wrappers and any kind of bagging or sealing machine for pre-made bags or pouches. It covers the materials, too: premade bags, films, or converters. We chose "Bagging, Pouching & Wrapping" so that it will be more meaningful to more people, especially those less experienced in industry nomenclature. Converting equipment related to flexible packaging falls in this category as well, including printing presses for flexible packaging, as well as bag-making machines. "Wrapping" here refers to any kind of wrapping of the primary product, including shrink wrapping or overwrapping of a single item. Wrapping or bundling of multiple items is covered in "Cartoning & Multipacking". Wrapping of pallets is covered in "End-of-Line Equipment".
Cartoning & Multipacking This category covers all kinds of cartoning machinery. It also covers any kind of machine that loads multiple products into an outer package or multipack through any means, such as shrink bundling, carrier applicators, etc. Also covered are related packaging materials such as folding cartons and carriers.
Coding, Marking, Labeling & Printing Includes all kinds of equipment specific to package and product identification (primary or secondary), as well as any kind of labeling equipment, including sleeve and stretch labeling equipment. Also covers any kind of label printing equipment. The category is also meant to include labels or label materials. 
End-of-Line Equipment Everything from case packing (including erecting and/or sealing) all the way through palletizing and stretch wrapping or pallet unitizing.
Feeding, Conveying, Accumulating & Product Handling Feeding and product handling refer to any machine that feeds a product (that's to be packaged) or package component such as a container or closure. Covers unscrambling equipment, pick-and-place equipment, de-nesting equipment, inserting equipment for desiccants/leaflets/outserts, etc. And, of course, this covers anything to do with any type of conveying or packaging line accumulation. Also covers material handling equipment such as lifters.
X-ray, Vision, Inspection, Testing & Weighing Covers a wide range of weighing, testing and inspection equipment (including metal detectors) that is designed to improve quality control on the packaging line.
Containers, Materials & Transport Packaging This covers any kind of packaging container or material as well as cartons, boxes, retail display packaging. It also covers protective packaging and industrial or transport packaging solutions.
Controls, Software & Machine Components This covers machine controllers, motors and drives and any sort of motion control, any kind of software solution related to packaging or manufacturing, as well as a wide range of machine components or parts that go onto or into a packaging, converting or processing machine.
Food Processing Equipment Any equipment that can be used as part of the food product manufacturing process, ranging from size/shape modification, mixing, separating, filtration, blending, coating, enrobing, seasoning, cooking/heating, chilling, and so forth. Also includes key processing components such as pumps, valves, piping, and more. 
Life Sciences This category covers both machinery and materials specifically geared toward pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, and medical devices, as well as related markets such as nutraceuticals.