Engaged Audience

Why is PMMI Media Group switching to “engaged” email audiences?

As the overall volume of email rises, email marketers should focus on sending email to “engaged” audience members only. Engaged recipients are defined as those who have opened or clicked in the last six months.

Why the focus on engagement?

Continuing to send email to someone who never opens or clicks tells the mail server on the receiving end that your emails aren’t being read, which increases the chance that all email from that sender will be shifted to the bulk or spam folder. In turn, this shift affects inbox deliverability to those recipients at the same company who DO open your e-mail regularly, since they’re on the same mail server.

The best way to avoid the bulk or spam folder is to cultivate engaged audiences – those who open or click. PMMI Media Group has tested this concept for years, dividing deployments into engaged vs. unengaged. The unengaged portion of the list yields virtually no leads. Nearly 100% of the leads from any campaign comes from the engaged portion of the list.

While it’s extremely difficult to avoid the bulk or spam folder for 100% of recipients, sending to only the engaged portion of our list will help keep PMMI Media Group’s emails in as many inboxes as possible. More emails landing in more inboxes means more people will see your email, increasing the chances they will open and click. The rising tide will lift all boats – ALL advertisers of PMMI Media Group will benefit from this practice. We recommend this approach for your own email marketing, as well.

This is the future of email marketing; in five years, every media company will be focused only on engaged audiences. PMMI Media Group delivers this best practice today.