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Extend the marketing value of your company's article, with our turnkey Case Study E-blast!

Here's how it works:

  • We'll take your article (write the headline and copy) and turn it into a PDF
  • We'll send your PDF to an audience of 23,000 professionals in our database
  • We'll capture the contact information of everyone who downloads the PDF
  • You'll receive a list of individuals who have shown interest in your case history
  • You'll have full license to use the PDF on your website and in other marketing efforts

Lead generation

Lead generation


Please submit the items indicated below:

  • Your article (to be converted to a PDF)
  • 85 characters max headline (including spaces)
  • 600 characters max description (including spaces)
  • 60 characters max subject line (including spaces)
  • Hero shot: 330 x 263 pixels
  • Your logo