BPA Audit Discontinued as Our Audience Data Reaches New Heights

Revised September 28, 2023

At PMMI Media Group, we have made the decision to discontinue our BPA audit due to the evolving landscape of the B2B media industry. The traditional auditing process no longer aligns with the growing importance of accurate audience data in the digital media age. Instead, we have developed an audience data department dedicated to finding the right companies and individuals for our advertisers. Our data quality standards exceed BPA guidelines by a significant margin, and we employ innovative approaches to ensure the accuracy and freshness of our audience data.

Key Features of PMMI Media Group’s Audience Data Strategy

  • Two-step process for audience identification and vetting: We employ a comprehensive two-step process to identify and vet potential audience members, resulting in more precise industry and job duty data for better targeting.
  • Continuous audience updates for freshness and higher match rates: Our database is continuously updated to keep pace with the movements of our audience. This ensures that we have the freshest names available, leading to higher match rates and more successful deliveries.
  • Tracking subscriber engagement and targeting engaged audiences: We track and prioritize subscriber engagement, only communicating with highly engaged audiences. This personalized approach goes beyond the requirements of BPA audits.
  • Transparency through lead generation: We provide transparency to our advertisers by allowing them to see the quality of responses they receive through lead generation. This allows for better evaluation of campaign effectiveness.
  • Use of audit processes and industry-standard reporting platforms: We have implemented audit-grade processes through our database vendor, Omeda, as well as telemarketing vendors. For website advertising, we utilize industry-standard reporting platforms like Google Analytics, which provide reliable and detailed data to our advertisers.

Our audience data management processes at PMMI Media Group are designed to prioritize accuracy, freshness, and data integrity. The decision to discontinue the BPA audit reflects our commitment to meeting the evolving needs of modern B2B media companies. By implementing innovative strategies and exceeding BPA audit guidelines, we ensure that our audience data reaches new heights and delivers exceptional results for our magazine, readers, and advertisers.