Application Brief CONTACT SALES

Extend the value of existing marketing collateral by sharing it via our Application Brief E-Blasts.

The Application Brief E-Blast template can be used to send marketing collateral, which you have already created, to our audience. The template is ideal for pushing out these two types of content:

1) Case studies – Technology end-users are always hungry for case studies that demonstrate how an actual customer used one of your products to solve a real challenge. If you can identify the company, that's ideal, but even if you can't ("Fortune 500 oil company"), the story of their success still carries weight with our readers.

2) How technology is applied – This can be a more generic document about how one of your products or systems can be used for a specific automation application.  For example, you could explain how a new machine safety system can be implemented on a machine, and the benefits that system confers to the user.

In either case, all you need to provide is the PDF of your existing collateral. We'll feature a "hero shot" of the PDF right in the e-mail template. Marketing copy that you supply (or we can write, upon request) entices readers to click through to open your PDF. You'll receive contact information of everyone who clicks.




Please submit the items indicated below:

  • PDF file of your existing marketing collateral
  • 85 characters max headline (including spaces)
  • 600 characters max description (including spaces)
  • 60 characters max subject line (including spaces)
  • Hero shot: 330 x 263 pixels
  • Your logo