Advertiser List Protection Policy

Revised September 27, 2018 by David Newcorn, Senior Vice President, Digital & Data

PMMI Media Group offers a number of products where advertisers can augment PMMI Media

Group audiences with their own lists for ad campaigns on behalf of that advertiser. This policy

explains how PMMI Media Group will keep advertiser list data separate from its own audiences,

and will not co-mingle advertiser-supplied names. This policy only applies to names that are

unique to the advertiser, and does not cover names that exist on both the advertiser’s list as well

as in PMMI’s database.

Generating leads from e-mail campaigns using advertiser-supplied audiences

Advertisers may choose to optionally (for a small charge) extend their eblast to a list that they

supply. When an advertiser supplies a list of email addresses for this purpose, PMMI Media

Group does not actually import that list into our audience database. First, we deduplicate the list

with our audience database. Any email address that is unique to the advertiser is imported into

our Real-Time Gateway system, which is designed solely for lead generation. All of the names

are tagged with a global identifier that identifies the source of the name as being from that

advertiser. The actual eblast to the advertiser-supplied list is done by the advertiser, using the

advertiser’s email service provider (ESP). PMMI Media Group provides special links that enable

us to tie any clicks back to the identity of the people on the list supplied by the advertiser.

Because those names are never imported into PMMI’s audience database (only our Real-Time

Gateway system), there is no chance that PMMI Media Group can send e-mail to or otherwise

solicit those names on behalf of itself or another advertiser. All e-mail that PMMI Media Group

(and PMMI) sends is out of our audience database. The Real-Time Gateway is more of a

turnstile that flags the identity of someone as they pass through. It’s not itself a database, and the

data is never mined or used for any purpose other than lead generation.

Targeted Covers

Advertisers may provide their own lists to supplement our audience database for a targeted

cover. Those names are never actually imported into our database. Once we deduplicate with our

database, we simply send the names that are unique to the advertiser directly to the printer. We

never store the names in our database. For any new companies from the advertiser that are not on

our database, our audience department researches those company names to find our own contacts

for our publications and trade shows, but our audience department will never see your list of

supplied contacts.

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