3D Tour/Permission Builder cheat sheet

Columbia Okura sample


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Bundle and a la carte slides (with pricing)


Package media components 

Permission Builder Landing page samples

Follow these steps in the following order:

(May need to jump around depending on questions from client)

1. Start with the 3D tour itself

2. Invoke research

In our research, end-users loved this and said it’s the next best thing to being there. Especially powerful when paired with a video of the machine running.


Really powerful for people who can’t come to the show.

3. Where 3D Tours appear as part of the show

  • Prominently designed into the PACK EXPO show site (featured as a collateral link; have to buy at least a gold package)
  • Promoted in Countdown emails and other related promotion
  • Will be promoted as part of PACK EXPO Xpress during the show (to remote attendees) - the gallery of 3D Tours will be promoted as part of a daily email Live from PACK EXPO

4. Tack on a media package 

    - Media package promotion

  • Promotion of the 3D Tour section on Packworld.com in the following ways in the 6 weeks leading up to the show (we are promoting the entire site, not individual tours):

    • Announcements in 28 newsletters reaching 101,153 Packaging End Users
    • 3 Facebook campaigns reaching 78,000 Packaging End Users
    • 3 LinkedIn campaigns reaching 140,563 Packaging End Users
    • Video Pre-Roll and Banner Ads on 3rd Party sites reaching 70,282 Packaging End Users in the 6 weeks leading up to the show
    • Google Ads campaign reaching 50,000 Packaging End Users in the 6 weeks leading up to the show

5. Permission Builder features

  • lets through the people who should be let through, no friction
  • blocks known competitors out of the gate
  • you approve everyone else one by one
  • you decide whether to even approve gmail or Hotmail
  • china, Russia blocked out of the gate; you can add other countries
  • optional permission based leads - they have to grant consent in exchange for access 
  • privacy-forward way of lead capture - compliant with future privacy laws as consent is specifically granted to your company - compatible with all known privacy laws
  • embed video

 6. Appointment setting capability

  • overcomes hesitance to fill out a form
  • facilitates direct one-on-one conversations
  • competitors, other suppliers, Chinese, Russia, gmail, none of those people see this button

 7. 3D Tour use cases

  • in your virtual showroom
  • in your booth at kiosk
  • salespeople can use it as a sales tool post-show (lasts for 12 months, small hosting fee to renew) 
  • on your website (for up to a year, small hosting fee to renew)
  • feature in your leaders profile
  • feature in PMG digital advertising (eblasts, newsletters, Facebook, LinkedIn campaigns)
  • promote across your own social and email channels

 8. Not just for breakfast anymore - other 3D Tour use cases

  • Plant/office tours
  • Innovation center tours
  • Actual customer lines installs (if they give permission)

 9. Additional capture opportunities

Capture at the show, when you have the machines all set up. Limited slots, book now.

10. Close

When people start to look for solutions in these 3D Tour sections, you don’t want competitors’ solutions to be the only ones there. 

  • This is a low-cost, low-labor solution that you can do in advance
  • Capture the content once and re-use it everywhere
  • A huge step forward from what we learned at PEC

Common objections

  • Too busy to take virtual appointments during the show - do it before, do it in the weeks after. Do it from 7am to 9am Vegas time, that’s late morning East Coast time anyway
  • Prefer to focus on the physical show - That’s why you do these. You do it ahead of time. Unlike PEC, there’s no at-show burden. This is what you to to attract the people who can’t come to the show.
  • Worried about bandwidth during the show for virtual appointments - Zoom and similar tools can operate under low-bandwidth conditions. And it’s not like there are 500 companies doing this.


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